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To provide a well-coordinated, individualized and trauma-focused service model in collaboration with other institutions and agencies in order to assure timely continuum of care.

To provide excellent trauma-informed services that promotes strength, recovery, and resilience with a high level of expertise.

To create a service system which includes peer culture support and leadership, family and community involvement, as well as other community recovery support institutions.

To develop and provide services, training and supervision that support peer-first focus, recovery-oriented interviewing skills, access to continuing support, and education on community resources coupled with assistance toward integration.

To develop and implement policies and procedures directed to identify and eliminate all barriers to recovery and facilitate resiliency.

To utilize treatment models guided by practical experience and not by theory through member-centered orientation by assisting individuals and families in understanding the impact of life challenges and the expected trajectory of recovery.

To monitor the success of outreach processes in order to ensure community inclusion and the effectiveness of service through collaborative strength.