5043 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19124
(215) 744 4343

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Outpatient Mental and Behavioral Health services affiliated with various network providers, services, and agencies throughout the City of Philadelphia to assist in creating and maintaining personalized recovery for clients, families, and our community at large.








BBH offers psychotherapeutic treatment focused on personalized recovery utilizing individual, couples, family, and group therapy programs as well as Psychiatric care through evaluation and medication management.

Groups offered at BBH include Anger management, Stress management, and a new Smoking Cessation program for those in need of the assistance through this service.

BBH also works closely with several Inpatient psychiatric programs, medical care both through the hospital and Primary Care settings, as well as Drug and Alcohol recovery programs to offer a complete continuum of care for our clients in addressing their various support needs and treatment required in pursuit of individual recovery.